Wraffle your items and start winning.

Wraffle gamifies the buying and selling of items via an auction. With clearly established ways to increase your chances of winning an item, or optimize its sale, Wraffle is the new norm!

The Wraffle App

Wraffle is designed to help engage both the selling and listing side of an auction. The old ways of bidding and waiting serve their purpose, but are boring and not very exciting. Wraffle is here to change that.

By utilizing a cheat proof system for picking winning Wraffles, we eliminate any trepidation from users that stem from now defunct penny bid sites.

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How security works

Picking the tickets

Ticket #s are a combination of the item number XXXXX and then the # ticket you purchased, followed by your unique userID.

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Chances of Winning

Your chance of winning is fixed based on the number of tickets allotted versus the number of tickets you purchase.

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Real Random

The winning tickets are chosen using Real Random, one of the worlds only patented random number generators. Click 'Learn More' to see how it works.

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Entropy or in our instance, chaos, makes it impossible for anyone to guess or fool the random number generator.

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App is available currently on both Google Play and the App Store. Future versions supporting Tablets and iPads will be released in subsequent updates.